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Donations to the library are welcomed, but accepted according to official Board policy as outlined below:


 The Library accepts gifts with the understanding that the criteria for selection or withdrawal are the same as that applied to materials for purchase.  Unused materials may be recycled or sold.  The Library does not provide valuation of gifts for tax purposes, but may acknowledge receipt of gifts.



        Donors are requested to follow these procedures:

1.    Books or other materials may be donated to the library during a specified period of the year.

2.      It is helpful to present donations in a cardboard box or other sturdy container.

3.      Please identify the donor(s) and the contents.  For example,


 I.M. Public                   (609-263-0000)

# _____ Hardbound books

# _____ Paperback books

# _____ Other materials


4. Donors may request an “Acknowledgement of Gift Receipt” form.  The library will maintain a duplicate.



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