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 Library Membership

Membership in the Library is a privilege extended to residents, visitors, and neighbors of Strathmere, NJ ages 13 and up.  Members agree to support the Policies and Procedures of the Schiavo Library as adopted by the Board of Trustees and to be responsible for the care of all facilities and all materials.  Library privileges may be revoked for failure to adhere to these standards.

The Library is a private 501(C)(3) organization and receives no tax dollars or government support and therefore charges a nominal fee to help support its facilities and services.

A Schiavo Library card may be obtained by making formal application and paying the appropriate fee.  Members will be issued a library card and may borrow all available resources subject to Library procedures.                                                (Board policy – adopted February 2009)


Procedures for Borrowing & Care of Materials

Borrowing Materials

A current Membership Card is required to borrow materials from the library.

Individual Membership is defined as one adult (18 and over)

Family Membership is defined as a total of up to four members / additional family members are $10.00 per person.

 Books & Audio Books:
Total of one item per person / 14 -day loan period

Total of two items per card/ back issues only/ 7-day loan period

 Videos/ DVD:
Total of two items per card/ 2-day loan period
Minimum age for checkout is 18/ $1.00 per item due at checkout

 “Books for the Beach” Collection:
Items shelved in this section only are self-circulated by Members and are organized by the first letter of the author’s last name.  Select a title, enjoy it, and then please re-shelve the book yourself!

Computer Use & Internet Access
The Schiavo Library offers free wireless Internet access to those with a current library card.  However, computers are limited and are available on a first-come basis.  If other members are waiting to use the computers, use is limited to 30 minutes. 
Please sign-in at the Circulation Desk before using the computers

 Renewing Materials/ Fines/ Lost or Damaged Materials
All items, except those on hold for another member, may be renewed once for the same period of time as the original loan period.

 Fines for books and magazines is $.25 per day;
for videos & DVDs $1.00 per day.

 There is a charge for damaged materials based on the extent of the damage.

The charge for lost materials is the current replacement cost per item.

The charge for the replacement of Membership Cards is $5.00 per card.

 Public Behavior Policy –

           The principle purpose of the Schiavo Library is to provide members with open and convenient access to all of the Library’s resources. 

The Library and its staff are committed to providing a safe and congenial atmosphere for this purpose.  This commitment can only be fully achieved if users of the Library respect the rights of all users and the staff.  Basically, this requires that all members act in a manner that will not interfere with the functioning of the Library or disturb others as more specifically outlined in the Code of Conduct (see below).

Code of Conduct:

1. All Library materials must be checked out appropriately utilizing a current Membership Card and must be renewed or returned in a timely manner.

2. Library property may not be misused, mutilated, damaged, or defaced; otherwise, the responsible member may (shall) be required to pay for repair or replacement.

3. Library machines that are provided for member use are subject to reasonable limitation at the discretion of the Library staff.

4. A quiet atmosphere is maintained for the benefit of all Library users.

5. Disruptive behavior, including the use of cell phones or other electronic devices without earphones, is not permitted anywhere in the Library.

6. The Library is not a public shelter and therefore, sleeping, loitering, and the misuse of restrooms or other facilities is never permitted.

7. Interference with or the harassment or intimidation of other users, staff, or volunteers by word, act, look, or gesture is unacceptable behavior and strictly forbidden.

8. Smoking and the use of illegal substances is not permitted.  The consumption of food and beverages in public areas of the Library is not permitted during business hours except at the discretion of the Library Director.

9. Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times in the Library.  Wet or sandy clothing is never permitted.

10. Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by a Member parent or guardian and must observe all rules of Library behavior and acceptable social manners.

11. Animals, other than trained service animals, are not permitted.

12. Designated parking spaces for handicapped users of the Library must be respected.

13. The use of skateboards, rollerblades, and the like is not permitted on any Library property.

14. Upon request, users may be asked to show staff members their Library cards or other appropriate identification. 

           The Schiavo Library staff is authorized to implement the Public Behavior Policy, and, if necessary, to modify or adapt the Code of Conduct to special circumstances.

           Members who do not comply with the Code of Conduct or any reasonable request of the staff may be asked to leave Library premises.  Continued noncompliance may result in the suspension or termination of Library privileges and/or to prohibiting access to Library premises.  Egregious behavior may be reported to the police.



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